More importantly, Houston gets the cap room to make a move for Tony Romo.

I’m guess this was purely a financially motivated move since he comes a lot cheaper than Chase Daniels, who they signed to a three-year deal worth $21 million last year. Foles gets $11 million over two years with just $7 million guaranteed. And the Eagles only get $1 million in cap savings.

They lost Dontari Poe, but got a capable replacement for a one-year deal worth $8 million. That’s not a bad way to do free agency. The only quibble I have is why just one year, which is great for Logan, but could leave the Chiefs looking to replace that position again.

The dynamic freshman swatted the ball into Derek Willis’ waiting hands, then scooped up a pass and waited for the Shockers to foul. Two free throws later, Kentucky held a 62-59 lead with 10 seconds to play.

That gave Wichita State one last chance to save the game, and Shamet decided to take it himself. He took the ball the length of the floor to set up a final shot, but struggled to shake the Wildcat defense. As he rose up for a potential game-tying three-pointer, Kentucky big man Bam Adebayo switched off his assignment to make sure the ball never even approached the paint.

The win pushed the Wildcats into the second week of the NCAA tournament. They’ll face the winner of Sunday night’s game between UCLA and Cincinnati in the Sweet 16. Wichita State, meanwhile, will have to grind through an offseason trying to forget the image of an open Conner Frankamp in the corner, just waiting for Shamet to unload the ball.

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The Indiana Hoosiers buried the Hawks by 22, 95-73, in the first Big Ten Tournament second-round game of the night.

Now, it’s still going to be close for K-State even with a 4-8 record against the Top 50, thanks to a poor non-conference schedule (229th) — that’s simply playing with fire when dealing with the Selection Committee. So defeating the West Virginia Mountaineers in tomorrow’s semifinals might still be necessary for Bruce Weber’s team.

But the second team out entering the night’s lineup, the Iowa Hawkeyes, weren’t so lucky. The Indiana Hoosiers buried the Hawks by 22, 95-73, in the first Big Ten Tournament second-round game of the night. As I wrote earlier, Iowa needed to get to a Friday quarterfinal against the Wisconsin Badgers to have a shot, but now Indiana is the team with a renewed chance. However, the Hoosiers might need to make Sunday’s final to have a real shot, and if they get that far, they might as well go ahead and cut the nets down.

The Xavier Musketeers, 62-57 victors over the Butler Bulldogs in the Big East Tournament quarters, are the night’s biggest winner. That victory, their first over a team not named “DePaul“ in their last 10 games, should loft Chris Mack’s team to safety and a spot above the First Four. While the Providence Friars lost to the Creighton Bluejays in the nightcap at Madison Square Garden, Ed Cooley’s squad should still make its fourth straight trip to the NCAAs. But it just might have to play an extra game in Dayton.

The pickings at the skill positions aren’t much better. Cutler could reunite with Matt Forte, but the dynamic back is now on the wrong side of 30, averaged just 3.7 yards per carry, and set a career low for receptions and receiving yards last year.

Brandon Marshall is now with the Giants, and Eric Decker spent all of the previous season on the injured list. Would Cutler want to throw passes to Quincy Enunwa and Robby Anderson all season? That seems like a long and winding path toward a late-career revival, but he might not have much of a choice.

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When you visit these communities, does it remind you of how you started playing the sport?

SBN: Looking through some of the submissions on the website, there were a lot of variations. Some of them were from community leaders and some of them were from kids.
Authentic Youth Kenneth Acker Jersey So which is better to hear from? I imagine both are inspiring in their own way.

Roenick: Well, it can come from either. The first two winners came from parents or grandparents of youth players that made submissions to explain why this is so important to their family and their kids. I would have to think it¡¯s really inspirational to get a letter from a kid, from a child who¡¯s involved in youth hockey programs, who skate in their local arena. That could go a long way.
Womens Charles Haley Jersey
But it also helps to push your community to get involved. It¡¯s not just about one person, or one story. We want to show the passion that the people and communities have around hockey and around these youth programs. It¡¯s all about everybody pitching in. It¡¯s a really cool aspect of the competition that brings people together.

SBN: When you visit these communities, does it remind you of how you started playing the sport?
Roenick: Oh, absolutely. We went to Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the first year. Johnstown is a small, industrial town. Obviously, [there are] a lot of blue-collar workers that work from paycheck to paycheck.

And to watch the transformation of their local arena, with all the money that was put in, the pride that they have and to see the kids¡¯ faces when the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Tampa Bay Lightning came running through their town … signing autographs and playing in the arena that they skate at.

Chiefs wide receiver Frankie Hammond, who is technically in his first season even though he spent time on their practice squad last year, is listed as having caught the ball on the 0-yard line. Yes, folks, he caught a punt while standing on the damn goal line. He wasn’t just standing there the whole time, but at some point when you are drifting back you have to take an account of where you are on the football field.