She cooks it real soft all together, it’s a very nice side dish.

The Bengals and Broncos are two of the worst-coached teams in the NFL at the moment. Offense, defense, special teams — you name it. All aspects have been problems in different ways. The Broncos’ defense has been embarrassed the past two weeks against the Eagles and Patriots. It wants to take it out on a shaky, limited offense. Boom.

The Rams and Vikings, tied for the second-best record in the NFC, play in Minneapolis. For seven straight years, from 1973-79, one or the other played in the NFC title game, twice facing each other.

Touchdown, Eagles. Philadelphia converts on third-and-1 and then drives deep into Dallas territory before Corey Clement bursts through the line and into the end zone for an 11-yard score. The Eagles, who are without a kicker, go for two and convert. They lead 15-9.

With steak, the important thing is the sear. How long you keep it on the grill — 20 seconds to 40 seconds — depends on what kind of steak it is, the cut and how thick it is. The rub I put on it is made of garlic, salt, pepper, onion powder, turmeric and Montreal steak spice. Sometimes I add brown sugar. And obviously you can add as much salt as you want. The more salt the better.

She cooks it real soft all together, it’s a very nice side dish. I always expect to have it at Thanksgiving, but sometimes we have it for Christmas, too. It’s been hard [since I’ve been in the NHL] to have family Thanksgivings. At least every other year you’re on the road; sometimes the way it works out that every year you’re gone. This year is actually one of the first years we’ll have a family Thanksgiving. My wife’s family is coming in, and we’ll host.patriots_125-180x180

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