Roger Goodell’s contract to be extended through 2024, report says

Robert Kraft might still be upset about Deflategate, and Jerry Jones might not be happy about the Ezekiel Elliott suspension, but NFL owners as a group apparently have no concerns about Roger Goodell’s job performance.

The NFL is close to extending the commissioner’s contract through 2024, SportsBusiness Journal reported Monday, saying an announcement could come this week.

Goodell’s current contract runs through 2019, so there was no real urgency to secure an extension, but making the move now represents a significant vote of confidence from the owners days after NFL Players’ Association chief DeMaurice Smith said he expects a strike or lockout to occur in 2021.

A Goodell extension does not need to be approved by all 32 owners; the members of the six-man compensation committee are empowered to make decisions on his contract.

The pressure is mounting for an NFL team to offer Colin Kaepernick a job. And Hall of Famer and former Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith thinks the controversial quarterback has what it takes to secure a roster spot.

“I think Colin Kaepernick definitely has the talent to play the game of football,” Smith told BlackSportsOnline. “I think somebody needs to give him a chance.”

This is one of the most poorly handled contracts in the NFL. The Chiefs allowed Hali’s previous contract to expire and accelerate millions to the salary cap, causing them to defer far too much guaranteed money to 2017. Hali last year was nowhere near as productive as he was in his prime and saw his playing time significantly reduced, but the Chiefs have no options until after this year because of the large guarantee.seahawks_101

NBA trade deadline will be 2 weeks earlier to avoid another DeMarcus Cousins scenario

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The NBA is moving its trade deadline to the Thursday before the All-Star Game for the 2017-18 season, according to The Vertical’s Shams Charania. Historically the deadline has occurred on the Thursday following the event, but next season’s is slated for Feb. 8.

Mbah a Moute averaged 6.1 points and 2.1 rebounds for the Los Angeles Clippers last season. He developed into a serviceable three-point shooter, nailing a career-best 39 percent of his triples last season, though he only attempted 1.4 per game. In the postseason, his clip from downtown fell to 31.3 percent on 2.3 attempts per game.

In signing with Houston, Mbah a Moute adds another layer of front court defensive intensity to a Rockets team that has put the emphasis on offense. Houston now has both Mbah a Moute and Trevor Ariza, a duo of wings who can switch defensively and guard multiple positions on the court.

Mbah a Moute played alongside Chris Paul in Los Angeles for the past two seasons. He rejoins his ex-teammate in Houston after Paul orchestrated his trade to the Rockets in late June.

As the NBA luxury tax has gotten more punitive and NBA teams have gotten wiser, irresponsible contracts in unrestricted free agency are fewer these days. This isn’t to say that there are no more bad contracts: Chandler Parsons and Joakim Noah signed large deals despite being major injury risks a year ago, and contracts for Timofey Mozgov, Luol Deng, and Solomon Hill looked dicey before the ink dried.

Game Youth Jordan Berry Jersey But compared to the mid-2000s, back when the luxury tax was just an annoyance and not a crippling factor, and when franchises were still adjusting to a high-dollar NBA where you needed accountants within the basketball operations department, unrestricted free agency has become rather safe.

The Lakers might have tampered with Paul George. Who cares?

The NBA confirmed reports over the weekend that the L.A. Lakers are under investigation for tampering with Paul George. The alleged infractions happened before George had been traded by the Indiana Pacers.

In fact, the alleged infractions directly precipitated Indiana’s trade sending George to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Pacers allege that the Lakers had backchannel communication with George, who then told the Pacers he would not be signing a contract extension this summer or re-signing with the team in 2018. Instead, he would seek to sign with his hometown Lakers.

No one is quite sure what the Lakers allegedly said to George behind the curtain, if anything. That is what the NBA seeks to learn in its investigation. Depending on what that is, penalties could be harsh. The nuclear option for the league: It could prevent L.A. from signing or trading for George altogether.

Game Charles Barkley Jersey Superstar? I’m not doing to discount, neither. I love Kawhi. What I’m trying to say, superstar — You know what, I could give Kawhi superstar because he’s just not a guy who likes commercials. He’s not a guy who wants to be the face of the league. He just wants to get his work done.

The knock on Kawhi Leonard used to be that he was merely a product of the Spurs’ system. Over the last few years, he’s taken that criticism and turned it upside down.

Authentic Kids Danny Amendola Jersey Superstar? No. Kawhi Leonard is not a superstar because he has no interest in being the face of the league or starring in TV commercials, Hardaway said. He’s a good player, but I wouldn’t consider him a superstar player.

Michael Jordan tells campers that LaVar Ball should ‘shut up, and let the kid play’

It’s been months since LaVar Ball made his ludicrous claims about beating Michael Jordan one-on-one, but up to this point the NBA legend hasn’t responded. On Monday at Michael Jordan Flight School, the GOAT answered.

As it is, teachers do not make big bucks, so the financial burden should not fall on their wallets. Yes, it should partially fall on the districts. But in underfunded schools in poor areas, schools would still be cash-strapped and prevented from providing the best education possible. Therefore, tax dollars must be invested in areas that will enable individuals to thrive, which breeds better citizens, reduces crime and lowers incarceration rates.
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That the state of California is spending $11.4 billion on the prison system, while teachers nationwide are spending a collective $1.6 billion annually to provide supplies for their students, speaks volumes about our society’s priorities and motivations.
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The United States of America is supposed to be a world leader on issues of human rights and an exemplar for democracy and invention. Yet, this country continually denies opportunity and education from the poor and people of color, which keeps the criminal-justice system a burgeoning business.

Not only is the criminal-justice system deeply flawed, the entire social structure — mired in systemic racism — is ingloriously vitiated. Until elected officials and the voters who put them in office can accept that each citizen’s success improves the nation overall, the problems will remain. Sadly, bigotry and racism prevent many from acknowledging this truth let alone accepting it.

St. Louis shelter slams ‘bullying tactics’ by Cardinals over Rally Cat ownership

This Rally Cat saga has officially turned the corner from an adorable, spontaneous event to a growing controversy that could make the St. Louis Cardinals look like bad guys.

After running onto the field during a Cardinals game, getting lost, and getting found, Rally Cat is now recovering in a shelter before it is adopted to a loving home. The latest update, for those following this very important Rally Cat tale, was that the team claimed it would get to keep the cat after it was recovered and done with a period in quarantine.

Now, as she’s more comfortable and has settled in, she’s opening up more. She explains that most people’s reactions are more shocked than dismissive, asking her how she got into baseball and wondering about her past with the game. Even in this day and age, that could be considered great progress right there.

Stanton is hitting these home runs in an environment where pitchers are OK challenging him because he’s occasionally willing to get himself out. They’re willing to gamble with him in a way they weren’t with Bonds.

That’s not to diminish what Stanton is doing. It’s to explain the sense of reverence and wonder that I have for Bonds and why I bristle at the suggestion that his home run record isn’t canon. Since Bonds broke that record, 25 major league hitters (and scores and scores of minor league hitters) have been suspended for performance-enhancing drugs. None of them hit 73 home runs.

Stanton is absolutely right that these numbers need context. Babe Ruth faced white Americans and only white Americans. Roger Maris faced expansion pitchers and played an extra eight games compared to Ruth.redskins_004_92a27cd2143c6a8b-180x180

The Colts are having a crappy August

Things are not going well for the Colts.

Nobody seems to know what’s going on with Andrew Luck’s recovery from shoulder surgery. Safety Malik Hooker, their first-round pick this year, has been dealing with a shoulder injury, and No. 2 tight end Erik Swoope just had knee surgery. They got another round of bad news on the injury front Wednesday when it was revealed that center Ryan Kelly will have to have foot surgery.

Head coach Chuck Pagano said that Kelly will miss the start of the season, but that was as specific as the coach could be about just how long the center would be on the shelf. It’s expected that Kelly will be placed on the injured reserve list with the designation to return. That means he’ll be out at least eight weeks.

Authentic Womens Joe Namath Jersey Mercedes-Benz Stadium is getting its own Chick-fil-A for Falcons games, which sounds amazing. One problem: It will continue the company’s longstanding tradition of being closed on Sunday, which means yes, no chicken sandwiches on the most common NFL game day.
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One would think the restaurant would make an exception given Sunday will be the only day of the week where fans are in the stadium — but alas, no adjustment will be made to the hours.

Chick-fil-A started their tradition of being closed on Sunday in 1946. The restaurant’s website has an entire section devoted to explaining the reasoning.

Truett saw the importance of closing on Sundays so that he and his employees could set aside one day to rest and worship if they choose – a practice we uphold today. Sundays are meant for getting out and spending time with family and friends.

NHL offseason: Five unanswered questions

With most of its offseason business conducted already, and training camps not opening until mid-September, August is the redheaded stepchild of months when it comes to the NHL.

Team executives squeeze in some vacation time after largely filling out their rosters in July with trades and free agent signings, the players train away from the spotlight in their various hometowns and, well, there’s just not a lot hockey news taking place.

However, that does not mean there aren’t important storylines to follow and decisions to be made in, this, the quietest of all hockey months.
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Remember that elusive three-goal lead we talked about? Yeah.

The Leafs overcame a 3-1 series deficit and were on their way to wrapping up the series, thanks to a 4-1 lead heading into the third period.

Limited Olivier Vernon Jersey The Bruins responded with three goals of their own, two of which came without goalie Tuukka Rask in favor of the extra attacker. Patrice Bergeron scored in overtime to shred all of Toronto’s hopes in one of the worst collapses you’ll ever see.

The final score can be deceiving sometimes, and this game is no exception.

Although the No. 8 Canadiens defeated the No. 1 Caps, they were outshot 42-16, outhit 27-13 and trailed 34-31 in faceoff wins. Their win is largely due to goalie Jaroslav Halak, who had 42 saves. Halak’d even has its own entry in Urban Dictionary.

The game wasn’t without controvery, either. Maxim Lapierre crashed into Capitals goalie Semyon Varlamov, pushing the puck into the net. No goal was called, and neither was there a penalty.

How many baseball players does it take to not catch this routine pop-up?

Ever seen a batter reach third on a dropped pop-up? You’re about to, thanks to an incredible moment on Thursday night. The Springfield Cardinals were playing the Midland RockHounds when this happened.

Sano gets off to a good start, with five homers in 2:30 seconds, and enough of them long enough to earn him bonus time already. Sano called timeout with just under two minutes on the clock and six homers on the board, four behind Sanchez.

Sano is looking like he might not even need all of the time he’s got left, as he hit nine with 1:15 to go in regulation. And he tied Sanchez at 10 with 54 seconds, then got 11 by 43 seconds. That cuts his round short — you don’t want to waste swings, you know. Maybe Sano has the right idea, not going all out but winning anyway.
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Fans and bettors are now wondering whether this year’s Dodgers club could match the MLB record of 116 wins, which would require a stretch run of 33-12.

After going an abysmal 3-20 over a 23-game span from July 9 to Aug. 6, the White Sox pulled off a shocking four-game winning streak with a series sweep over the Houston Astros and a win over the Kansas City Royals at home.

Chicago came back to earth with back-to-back losses against Kansas City over the weekend, and will now enter a six-game road trip with a 1-9 record in its last 10 road games. The White Sox lost both games to Los Angeles at home when the two teams met in July.

Scott Tolzien Womens Jersey Tuesday night’s total is set at eight runs. The UNDER is 6-2-1 in Chicago’s last nine games.

The only thing really going for the White Sox in this David vs. Goliath matchup is the fact that the series is only two games long. Chicago will leave Los Angeles after sending Carlos Rodon out to square off against Yu Darvish Wednesday night.

Melvin Gordon’s father, freed from prison, will finally see him play NFL game

For Melvin Gordon III, Sunday’s preseason game against the Seahawks will be an emotional affair.

Millennials are on their phones all the time anyway, said Jets president Neil Glat. Boarding Pass is a smart way to appeal to fans who might like the novelty and surprise of sitting in different seats on any given Sunday.

“Some games you’ll be upstairs, some game you’ll be downstairs, some games you’ll be in a club,” promised Glat here at MetLife Stadium’s Toyota Club, where the Jets held their second annual “upfront” presenting news ticket plans, food offerings and customer experiences.

Glat declined to comment on how many fans he expects to purchase the 10-game season pass. But the team does say do say that if a fan attends all 10 games, the face value of the tickets is “guaranteed” to exceed the purchase price.

Boarding Pass sounds like a great idea. But it also shows the mighty NFL is no longer Teflon after an 8-percent drop in TV ratings last season.

Moving forward, more clubs like the Jets are going to have to get creative to retain season ticket holders.

With the exception of the elite squads – the Patriots, Cowboys, Steelers and Giants, namely – the days of just mailing out a renewal notice may be over. Especially if the economy doesn’t improve.

“The Cleveland Cavaliers are not operating with any sense of urgency on finding a Kyrie Irving trade. League sources say they are continuing to field calls and talk through ideas, but that there is no sense of closure on the situation looming. In fact, there does not seem to be much urgency in how the Cavs are approaching the situation at all.

It gets tricky after those two.

Matt Harvey has been injured four of the past five seasons. You might think he’s young enough — and talented enough — to earn a big payday, but I think teams would be turned off by the varied injury history; by that I mean he has had a million different injuries, and they’ve all been in the arm area.

That said, if you could play fantasy GM and predict perfect health for him, I think Harvey would be in for a two-year, $26 million deal. Starting pitching carries a pretty big price tag, and Harvey isn’t exactly knocking on the door of the retirement home.

Steven Matz could turn out to be a solid left-handed starter, but like Harvey the injuries are getting in the way. His numbers this season aren’t great, either: He’s pitching to a career-worst 4.96 FIP in 11 starts. Not great, Bob.
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All that makes him a wild card: Do you pay him for what he is, or what he could be? I think GMs across baseball are more inclined to pay guys on what they could be (Homer Bailey, Line 1), so Matz would probably get four years and $75 million.

If there was a most improved player in the MLB like with the NBA is Jonathan Schoop the unanimous winner?

It’s a good kind of rivalry among the young guys. We all play together, we practice together, we travel together. JT lives right down the street from me. It’s only going to make me want to beat him more. It’s good to see.

Zach Zenner Game Jersey For Thomas, he now puts himself atop the list of player of the year candidates — ahead of Spieth with three wins, including a major, and Dustin Johnson and Matsuyama, both with three wins, including two World Golf Championship events.

I hope people not from this area of the country understand that the people that were marching in and around [the university] and Charlottesville, they’re not from there, Doolittle said Sunday. These aren’t people that represent the school or the community. This was a rally where people came from other parts of the state, other parts of the region. Because that area, that town, is an incredibly accepting and diverse and embracing community.