Tim Hardaway Jr. believes Knicks can slide into playoffs

Tim Hardaway Jr. is like all NBA players with a competitive streak — he wants to make the playoffs.

The Knicks are sitting at 21-25 before Sunday’s game against the Lakers, which means they are just outside the cusp of making the playoffs.

With a couple months to go before it really gets down to the wire, Hardaway says the Knicks have what it takes to make it.

An apparent goal by Chicago’s Brandon Saad with 1:17 left in the period was disallowed after a video review determined Saad kicked the puck into the net with his right skate.

Capping a spinning move, Kane fed the puck across the crease to Saad on the left side of the net. The puck struck Saad and a replay showed him sweeping it just over the goal line.

Varlamov stopped Chicago rookie Alex DeBrincat on a point-blank deflection two minutes into the scoreless third. He made a close-in glove save on Toews minutes later.

Colorado’s J.T. Compher fired a rebound wide of a partly open net with 5:40 left in regulation.

Each team failed to convert a power play late in the third.

For Anthony, Cleveland’s struggles all come down to the defense, and he’s not sure they can fix these issues. He does believe they can lessen them though.

“They’re never going to be a great defensive team,” he said. “But they can become a lot better once they get rotations solidified and everybody kind of knows their role.”

Despite all of the doubts Anthony has in Cleveland’s greatness as a team, he still has confidence in how far they can go in the playoffs.

“I still don’t know that I see anybody in the East beating them four times once we get to the postseason,” he said. “Because it’s going to be a different animal.

“Look, we had this same conversation last year about this same time and they continued to play poorly throughout the rest of the regular season, they only won 51 games last year, yet they basically ran rough-shod through that Eastern Conference.”

NCAA Tournament trophies aren’t often lifted by the hands of one-and-done freshmen. In fact, since the NBA’s 2005 collective bargaining agreement revised draft eligibility rules, just three college basketball teams have won a national championship with a one-and-done player on their roster.indians_012