Brandon Jacobs doubles down on Jim Harbaugh: ‘Michigan will fire him when I am done’

San Antonio Spurs Mens Jersey Brandon Jacobs refuses to let go of his vendetta against Jim Harbaugh.

Jacobs doubled down on his criticism of the former 49ers coach on Saturday, saying he would expose Harbaugh. Whatever that means.

Harbaugh, who himself is notorious for retaliating against people who talk about him, went Biblical on his former running back on Saturday.
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We can only wonder if Harbaugh will follow his own advice after offering the olive branch to Jacobs — and getting spurned.

But if things continue to trend in this direction, the Bears may have no choice but to part ways with both Fox and Pace and move forward with a new duo, like the Browns did a year ago with Hue Jackson and Sashi Brown. There were too many holes on the Bears’ roster to fill this offseason, and Pace didn’t give Fox the talent he needs to dramatically improve right away.

Chicago took some risks in this draft class. There’s talent there, but aside from Eddie Jackson if he’s healthy, none of the players the Bears drafted are surefire contributors this season. The free agents they added aren’t likely to be game-changers, either.

The Browns were stuck in a pattern of ineptitude for years that kept the team from being competitive. It looks like they may finally be poised to start digging their way out of it. If they really are, some other team will have to take their place as the butt of everyone’s jokes. Right now, it’s looking like the Bears.