The Carolina Panthers had a scoreless 20-play drive against the Kansas City Chiefs on Nov. 13

How many points did they get out of that drive?

None. Nada. Zilch. Receiver Phillip Dorsett dropped a fourth-down pass in the end zone.

“Fourth-and-1, it speaks for itself,” Hilton said. “You have to get that. One yard, if you can’t [get] that then you don’t need to be in the National Football League.”

That’s the second time this season a team Clive Walford Authentic Jersey had a drive of 19 plays or longer that didn’t result in any points, according to research by ESPN Stats & Information. The Carolina Panthers had a scoreless 20-play drive against the Kansas City Chiefs on Nov. 13.

Tolzien had enough pressure on him starting his Connor Cook Authentic Jersey first game in exactly three years. His top three receivers didn’t do him any favors by dropping passes. Donte Moncrief joined Dorsett and Hilton in dropping passes that would have been a touchdown or put the Colts in position to score.

“It’s my fault,” Hilton said. “I started it with the drop. Shouldn’t have happened, should have caught it. Changed the game. That was on me. … We put too many balls on the ground. We take pride in not dropping the ball.”

“Well, like any young football players, they are going to get better the more reps that they get and they have proven that,” Washington coach Jay Gruden said. “Dak and Zeke, they’ve done a great job. You know, Zeke is a powerful runner. He’s been bottled up from time to time in first quarter, but as the game goes on, that offensive line can wear you down and he gets chunks of yardage.

But as the current NFL rooks will find out, it doesn’t compare to being home. NFL analyst Matt Bowen played seven seasons as a defensive back in the NFL.

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