Patriots president hits Colts, Ryan Grigson with Deflategate zing

Two years ago the Patriots made a mockery of the Colts in an AFC championship game beatdown on their way to Super Bowl XLIX.

‘I do think that issues of addressing it more in a treatment and less punitive measure is appropriate,’ Smith told a group of Post reporters and editors Tuesday. ‘I think it’s important to look at whether there are addiction issues. And I think it’s important to not simply assume recreation is the reason it’s being used.’

Currently, a player who tests positive for marijuana (or a misses a league-mandated drug test) is subject to fines and suspensions. The current stairstep approach to addressing failed or missed drug testing:

The league’s stance on revising policies related to marijuana has been consistent: It would agree to change them only if advised to do so by medical experts.

He has to face the reality that he behaved boorishly and foolishly, Deters told There has to be a demonstration of trying to fix his behavior In all these kinds of cases, factors include getting help and remorse how genuinely sorry he is about it.
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The 33-year-old Jones got into trouble for several off-the-field incidents early in his career, and the NFL suspended him for the entire 2007 season and part of 2008. The one-time All-Pro had avoided trouble since joining the Bengals in 2010.

Sanders had 79 receptions for 1,032 yards and five touchdowns this season, so he didn’t exactly struggle. Romo’s addition might help all of Denver’s receivers find more consistency, though.
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Even if Romo is added to Denver’s roster, Siemian and/or Lynch likely will still play a role with the team on Sundays, because Romo hasn’t completed a full season since 2012.

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