Blount is overrated as a straight-up power runner to get consistent chunks of yards

Womens Scottie Pippen Jersey This is an interesting team to have a huge amount of projected cap space. With the development of Marcus Mariota, the growth of their offensive line and the rebirth of running back DeMarco Murray, the Titans look like a team ready to turn the corner.

They are in a position where the timing might be perfect to use free agency to fill voids around a young, cheap nucleus. The Titans have never been big spenders and have more or less gone into a spending shell since being burned by their decision to extend running back Chris Johnson years ago. But if there is a time for them to attack premier free agents, it should be now.

Womens Harrison Butker Jersey Falcons strongside linebacker Vic Beasley Jr. has been a pass-rushing beast in his breakout second season. But because New England will be prepared to neutralize him by pounding away with the run, and due to how quick Tom Brady gets rids of the ball, more of the burden of slowing down the Patriots will fall on Jones.

Blount is overrated as a straight-up power runner to get consistent chunks of yards — he had to gain only one yard for 12 of his 19 scores this season. His strength comes more when he explodes past a would-be tackler for a lengthy rumble. That’s where Jones must clean up and not be too aggressive in flying upfield. If he can’t bring down Blount, he at least needs to buy time for his teammates to rally.

When Blount isn’t in, Jones will need to switch gears into sound coverage against Lewis. It’s all about who can be faster and quicker, and Jones needs to do his best to stay with Lewis laterally in a difficult change of pace from Blount. Either Blount or Lewis having a big game spells doom for Atlanta.

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