Not even Jimmy Kimmel can convince William Hayes about dinosaurs

There is now a scientific name for people like William Hayes, the Los Angeles Rams defensive end who refuses to believe in the existence of dinosaurs:

Skepticus gigantus.

“How many people are involved in this scam, Daniel?” Kimmel asked.

Then Kimmel asked Hayes the Josh Robinson Authentic Jersey natural question: “Why do you believe in mermaids but not dinosaurs?”

“I could go on and on,” Bucannon said. “This is my whole life.”

He spent sixth grade living with his father, Duane, a Marine Corps veteran, while his mother, Sonji, a U.S. Navy nurse, was deployed to Iraq. Deone moved in with his father for the year, though typically he saw his dad only during the summer because his parents were divorced.

“That was one of the hardest Kurt Coleman Authentic Jersey times for me,” Bucannon said. “You just don’t know what was going on. But thank God, I’m blessed that she came back safe.

“I’m fortunate.”

During that year, Bucannon never knew when he’d talk to his mother next … or if he’d talk to her again.

“You wake up every day and you can’t just call her,” he said. “You can’t call her on the phone.”

He explained that his mother’s unit had just one phone, and she called him. When those calls did happen, they were “few and far between.” For a 12-year-old boy, not being able to know how his mother was or hear her voice at any given moment was harder than Bucannon, now 24, could explain.

“Shoot, you could imagine yourself,” he said.

Since Hank Stram pioneered the tactic some 50 years ago, several pairs of innovative coaches and cerebral QBs have elevated play-action to an art form: Stram and Len Dawson, Bill Walsh and Joe Montana, Sam Wyche and Boomer Esiason, Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson. But many teams cling to traditionalist beliefs that prevent them from taking full advantage of it.

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